First post

The first post of a blog is always the hardest to write. I have started a few blogs before, and the first one is always a pain in the neck. Usually I write about what this blog will cover, in great detail. But who cares? You will probably see my next couple of posts.

So this time a welcome and an introduction should be enough.

So, who am I?
My name is Daniel and I work as a developer for one of those new and hip company where everything is JavaScript *shrugs* and NoSQL. Before that I worked as a .Net developer which I still miss. I’ve been developing for at least 20 years and 10 of those years it’s been professionally. I’ve worked at a big consultant company, small start ups, medium size companies and huge companies. It’s been C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and much much more. And apart from this I of course code on my spare time as well.

That’s it about me….So welcome to!

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